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Mission Trip, Megan Rossman

A New Perspective

The most beautiful thing I’ve learned in my twelve years of ministry and two international mission trips is that I am never fully ready for all God has in store when I say “yes” to Him…The courage He gives me to befriend a complete stranger - the brokenness I feel when I see unimaginable poverty or look into a person’s eyes filled with hopelessness - the deep joy in every hug, every smile, and every dance with a child, even if I’m dancing completely off beat! 

I am always so thankful for any opportunity God gives me to share His love and be a light in the darkness. And to have been called out of the country to do so will always be one of the greatest gifts of my life. 

Each trip has given me a renewed sense of gratitude and a new perspective on life. The people I’ve met have taught me how to serve well and love deeply and freely. And the things I’ve seen have inspired me to share my experience, to tell the stories and show the photos, to bring awareness and show how God is working, and ultimately, to help make a difference in this world.

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