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Aspire Globally, Kenya

Hope Restored

When Ruth was only eleven, she was taken to an orphanage after her father abandoned her. Life at the orphanage was awful - it didn’t offer quality education and children were sexually abused. 

Despite her circumstances and the challenges that she faced, Ruth managed to take the exam for university placement; however, she scored too low for admission. 

Ruth knew she could do better if she could just go back to school. But high school in Kenya is not free. So, Ruth decided to escape from the orphanage, move to Nairobi, and get a job. She found work as a house-girl and did other menial tasks in the evening, but still found it difficult to earn enough money to stay in school. She was sent home from school several times due to a lack of funds and went to bed hungry most nights. 

But by God’s grace, teachers saw her intellect and determination and helped pay her school fees. Ruth took the university exam a second time and scored high enough to attend university. However, she was stuck at home for a year trying vainly to raise the required fees.  

After encountering yet another obstacle, Ruth was depressed and seriously contemplated suicide. It was at this low point in her life when ASPIRE Globally became aware of Ruth’s plight and facilitated a scholarship to Kenyatta University!

Today, Ruth is pursuing her degree in Counseling Psychology. She is also a peer counselor, providing free counseling services to youth of all ages, hoping to save as many children and teens in Kenya as possible!

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