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OUR GOAL IS TO RAISE $3.5 MILLION fully launch our Hudson campus, complete campus enhancements, and prepare the way for greater reach as God directs while remaining debt-free. 


 We believe these three areas have the greatest return on investment for the work God wants to do through Fellowship. Thus, as we pursue these exciting opportunities ahead, we feel God asking us to step out in greater faith together; to pray and believe Him to provide the financial resources to leverage the significant momentum He has allowed us to gain. 


 GREATER in Hudson | $500k 

 GREATER in Chagrin and Orange | $2.0m 

 GREATER Reach | $1.0m 



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  • Test
  • Is there a cost for participating?
    Summer Blast is FREE this year due to the overwhelming generosity of a few families that wanted to be sure every child could attend.
  • Can we invite friends who don't attend Fellowship?
    ABSOLUTELY! In fact, that's highly encouraged!
  • What does my child need to bring?
    Nothing! We'll provide everything your child needs to have a fun time! If you'd like to send in a water bottle, please make sure it is labeled with your child's first and last name.
  • Can I hang out at the church while my child participates?
    Absolutely! The Children's Lobby will be open as well as the Office Entrance Lobby. If you'd like to join our Volunteer Team, contact City Kids at
  • Will there be food at this event?
    Light snacks and water will be provided each night. We encourage families to feed their children dinner before arriving. On the final night of Summer Blast, we will be hosting Family Night where all children AND their families will receive dinner along with our fun night of games, crafts and praying over our missionary projects.
  • Does my child have to be there all 5 nights?
    Nope! Come as often as you can! Registration will be open each night.
  • Preschool
    Our Preschool Room is filled with fun, interactive stations where the kids are encouraged to use their imagination, and develop healthy relationships with their peers through the modeling of Godly character. Under the guidance of our amazing Preschool Team, the kids experience a large group lesson, time of worship and 3-5 small group activities every Sunday.
  • Elementary
    We want Sunday mornings to be something our elementary kids look forward to every week! In addition to providing them with a fun, loving and welcoming environment, we strive to instill biblical truth into their hearts and minds through large group teachings, worship and small group activities. Our mission is to help them understand clearly who God is and what He desires for their life. We want their identity to be rooted in Christ so that, as they grow, they are a reflection of Him to everyone they meet.
  • Nursery and Toddler
    Our Nursery and Toddler teams provides a loving, nurturing and secure environment where each child is cared for with gentle arms, warm smiles, and individual attention. We want your child to have a positive “first-church” experience, and see the love of Jesus reflected in every interaction. ​ In order to ensure that children are kept safe physically, emotionally and socially, all of our workers have been background checked, and adhere to strict guidelines outlined in our policies and procedures.
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  • What does FCC believe?
  • What's the Sunday morning experience like?
    Each Sunday we gather at both our locations (Chagrin and Orange) for a meaningful experience. This happens through worship and Bible-based teaching. Services last just over an hour and we offer Kids' Church at both locations (all services). Arrive a little early and visit the Connections Desk or check in your kids at the City Kids' lobby.
  • Any pointers on getting started at Fellowship or being better connected?
    Yes! It's always helpful to arrive early and plan on staying a little late. Again, we call ourselves Fellowship because that's what we do! We love to be in community. While here, we'd love to direct you toward our Connections Desk or make plans to attend our Meet Fellowship experience that happens once a month. Plus, we feature Growth Track multiple times a year; it's your best first step in jumping into all things Fellowship. Speak to someone at Connections for it all!
  • Is there a certain dress code on Sundays?
    Absolutely not! You'll catch jeans, dress slacks, track pants...pretty much anything on the dress spectrum on any given Sunday. You don't see a suit all that often, but if you want to rock a suit, you go for it!
  • What are the messages like?
    Each Sunday, the messages are sourced and rooted in the Word of God--the Bible. Everything we do stems from God's Word, and the messages are the same. Plus, each message typically has a practical, every-day application to it so that you can walk it out in your everyday life.
  • Worship
    Fellowship City Worship Internship focuses on the development of worship leaders. Interns will gain ministry experience at all campuses. They will learn how to facilitate worship in multiple environments from Youth, Young Adults, Sunday services, along with worship nights. They will learn the value of production, song selection, and the importance of team dynamics. Interns are expected to be self-motivated, organized, and people-oriented leaders who have a passion for leading worship.
  • Outreach
    Fellowship City Outreach Internship focuses on developing interns to gain a passion for their community and world. Outreach interns will work alongside our Love Your Neighbor staff to identify community needs and mobilize our church to partner with existing organizations to serve those in our local community. Outreach interns will maintain relationships with our designated ministries and organize service projects. Interns are expected to be self-motivated, organized, and people-oriented leaders who have a passion for outreach.
  • Church Planting/Campus Specific
    Fellowship City Church Planting Internship focuses on developing interns to minister and understand the inner workings of a new church. The intern will be involved in Sunday Morning Services from beginning to end. Church Planting interns will be involved with internal/external campus meetings, pastoral moments, serving at various campuses, building relationships with the volunteers, crafting communication skills, and event management for Fellowship City events. Interns are expected to be self-motivated, organized, and people-oriented leaders who have a passion for their community.
  • Media/Tech
    Fellowship City Media/Tech Internship focuses on learning many aspects of audio, video, and lighting production. Interns will be given a chance to help oversee the technical execution of Sunday services and collaborate with campus ministries (i.e. Sunday services, worship nights, youth/young adults, and Summer Blast). The Media/Tech interns will learn the value of collaboration along with the ability to take direction and implement the vision given by our leadership team. Interns are expected to be self-motivated, organized, people-oriented, and have a passion for quality.
  • Next Gen
    Fellowship City Next Gen Internship focuses on equipping interns to minister to children, youth, and young adults. The internship provides an opportunity to work with campus teams. The interns will spend time developing relationships with students/volunteers, along with assisting in the planning and execution of kids, youth, and young adult events. Interns are expected to be self-motivated, organized, and people-oriented leaders who have a passion for the next generation.
  • Which areas of ministry have internship opportunities?
    Next Gen, Worship, Media/Tech, Outreach. Church Planting/Campus Specific
  • Will I get a job at Fellowship after my internship?
    Internships should equip you for your future. The goal for every intern is an intentional season of growth – not a position at Fellowship City.
  • Do I need to have my own vehicle?
    We do ask that you secure your own transportation for the duration of your internship.
  • Is this a paid internship?
    This is an unpaid, educational internship program. However, a $200 per week stipend will be provided to help offset any expenses you may incur as a part of the internship program or you can choose to have the $2000 applied to your college tuition.
  • What does a typical week look like?
    Each area of ministry has its own rhythm. There will be some standard meeting times as interns but your mentor will work with you to ensure the best use of your time and schedule.
  • Is there housing provided?
    We are currently working on this feature for the internship. Please contact
  • Why Now?
    We believe God has uniquely positioned us to reach the East Side to reach the world. As we’ve followed the lead of the Holy Spirit, He has steadily granted us increased favor. With so many churches in our community currently in decline, we believe the time is NOW to move forward with our vision, to be fully prepared for the harvest to come.
  • Do I have to participate if I am new to Fellowship?
    No one has to participate, but we hope you will consider it. In the same way someone sacrificed and gave to create a seat for you, we want you to experience the joy of creating a seat for someone else.
  • What is the best way to give?
    As you make your commitment, you can set up how you would like to give – weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually, which can be done in person or online. You can also give via stocks, investments, personal property, etc. Please let us know if you have any questions about gifts in kind.
  • What if I don’t have a lot to give?
    It’s not about the size of the gift, it’s the size of the sacrifice. Sometimes those with little bring the greatest gifts of all because it represents a very deep, personal sacrifice. God sees what you bring far more clearly than anyone else does.
  • Do I have to give everything at once?
    Please bring the first fruits of your commitment to the final week of the GREATER series on Sunday, October 1, 2023. This will be whatever amount of your overall commitment you are able to give at this time. Then, you can choose to give weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually over the three-year GREATER timeframe.
  • Where can I get more information on GREATER?
    There are many ways! Make sure you don’t miss a single week of the GREATER series starting Sunday, September 10, 2023, or check out the series on our YouTube Channel. You can also email us anytime at
  • How much should I give?
    This is a great question! It’s not about equal giving, it’s about equal sacrifice and a unified heart towards GREATER. We are asking everyone to give above and beyond their regular tithe, and because everyone has different incomes and expenses, this means different sacrifices and gifts.
  • Should I direct my regular giving (tithe) to GREATER when it begins?
    No, your gift to GREATER should be above and beyond your regular tithe. If you don’t already tithe, we encourage you to start there and see how God proves Himself faithful to you!


We hope you embark on this spiritual journey. Take your first step by joining us in 21 days of prayer and devotion.*

*Copies available in lobbies at all campuses

Greater Devotional Cover.jpg


We hope you embark on this spiritual journey with Team Fellowship! Whether you’re 100% in already or are still on the fence, we’d like to ask you to follow these three steps.


Seek God in prayer and ask how He wants you to be a part of and commit to GREATER.


Scripture References: Matthew 6:33, 1 Chronicles 16:11


Listen to the direction that comes up in your heart and mind while praying.


Scripture References: John 10:27, Psalm 46:10 


Obey his leading and believe for His provision.


Scripture References: Luke 11:28, 2 Corinthians 9:10 -11 


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