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Heart of Hispaniola, Dominican Republic

A New Smile

We met “M” in 2019 when she came to our shelter. After decades of horrific abuse and addiction, we have become her family, and she is now experiencing true freedom in Christ! 

“M” grew up in a poor mountain community in the Dominican Republic. At two, her parents separated, and she went to live with her mother. Her mother participated in demonic activities and lived an immoral life. “M” was often left with neighbors and started drinking at the age of five. 

During a family visit, young “M” was violently raped. After telling her mother what happened, her mother blamed her for losing her virginity and abandoned her.

At ten, “M” began having sex with boys, and her friends sold her to older men for sex. At the age of eighteen, friends introduced her to prostitution in Santiago. Almost nightly under the influence of drugs and alcohol “M” was mistreated and beaten. Her aggressors often took her clothes off in public and took advantage of her as a form of entertainment. Through this abuse on the streets, “M” not only had her dignity taken from her, but she lost her front teeth as well. 

When “M” came to our shelter, she entered Alcoholics Anonymous and became sober. She began to learn more about Jesus and His great love for her, and as a result, she accepted Christ and began our discipleship Celebrate Recovery programs. She has been drug-free for one year and is attending church! She is now working as a housekeeper, and many afternoons when work is done, she attends our literacy program. 

Not only has God renewed her mind and healed her soul, but he Has also restored her smile! This Christmas, through a special program, she received new front teeth. And now she can’t stop smiling because of what Christ has done in her life!

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